Parachuting into hell ...

A guide on how to choose your initial landing location for consistent results

Worst airline ever!
Every game starts the same: You (and 99 others) get teleported from the magical island of invulnerability into a loud, crammed, sub-economy class military plane. Even though you might want to get out of there asap, there are a few considerations in order to make the early game less RNG dependent.

Location, location, location!
Carefully choosing which area to jump into can save you a lot of frustration and unnecessary deaths during the first minutes. Here are my basic rules, which pretty constantly get me well equipped into the mid game.

Your own, peaceful forest
Loot does only spawn in buildings - so landing in any field or forest is a safe option, but a dumb one ;)

Oh hey, let's stick to stick to that guy ...
Landing in very close proximity to other players is a gamble in which you can lose everything but gain nothing. If the other guy finds a weapon before you, you either die or are forced to run away. Either way you are in a serious disadvantage. If you find a weapon first and get the kill - congratulations, but your price is a wooden loot crate with nothing in it. You've wasted time, maybe lost health and only gained an entry for your stats. Not worth the risk in my book.

Why am i so lonely?
The north, west and east coast line around the main island is sprinkled with small villages and normally no one lands there. So why not choose this as a starting point? The distance to get into the first two circles can be huge and might get you into real trouble. You need to find a vehicle fast and even if you've found one, you still waste a lot of time potentially driving across half the island.

When you finally arrive, other players had way more time to gather loot and get into good positions. Plus cars are loud as hell and everyone knows where you are. So jumping into the most remote locations is still a gamble. And gambling does not produce consistent results.

Urban combat sounds like fun - right?
The big cities: If you scout properly during the descent, you can normally secure a few buildings for your own. So its not a gamble about loot as No. 2 since you can assume there's at least decent gear in the first few buildings you search through. But then what? After a few minutes you no longer know where all the other people are hiding.

So you either camp (boo ... boring and doesn't get you any loot) or start venturing out into the streets and clearing buildings one by one. Since there is no way to move absolutely silently in Battlegrounds and 3rd person peaking out of windows very definitely a thing, you are going to have a very hard time. Sure, once every month you'll get your streamer-like 10 kill streak within the first minutes, but most of the time, you'll just end up with a 12 gauge in your back.

If you open your parachute as soon as possible and then keep tapping W, you can glide for more than two map squares. During this time you can perfectly scout where other players are going and which spots are still open. Apparently a big part of the playerbase doesn't know about this or just wants to get into the games asap. Use this to your advantage!

Farm boy. AFK farm boy.
There are two special kinds of players: Those who jump as soon as possible and those who wait until the end to farm auto dropped AFK people. So whatever scratch any locations from your list that are extremely early or late, to avoid having to split loot with these players.

The solution
So what's left? I'm generally looking for a small to midsize village, about 2 squares away from the middle section of the planes route. Big enough to reliably find loot without getting into a fist fight and small enough to not end up in a unpredictable camp fest.

One more thing: If you are new to the game, try to stick to a few starting locations and practice them. You need to figure out a route to get to the most loot spots in the shortest amount of time. And you have to be able to adjust this route, if you know that there are other players in certain areas. Memorize which buildings have multiple exits, which fences can be jumped over, where the holes in walls are and so on. When you hear steps coming your way, you often only have seconds to react and this kind of knowledge can safe you!