Clearing Buildings

A guide on how (and when) to clear buildings from those nasty little campers

We've all been there: You know there's an enemy inside a building, you rush in - only to die a horrible death on the staircase. And worse of all: The guy who has been sitting there for the last 15 minutes get all your awesome loot. Infuriating ...

Before we talk about how to successfully assault a building, here are a few things to consider first

Time is money
Digging out campers takes time - something very valuable from mid game on. Check the circle, the timer and the route you have left to travel first! If you do not have ample time, it's best to just ignore the guy and head on to the safe zone. There's no point in taking one kill, only to blow all your meds afterwards to get back into the zone.

Situational awareness
Check your surroundings: Have you seen any other players around lately? Are you in a choke point where others have to turn up, in order to get into the zone? Nothing is worse than to successfully take the house, only to find yourself trapped inside after that. Gunfire and explosions attracts other players and buildings are usually the first place people look at. Unless you get very lucky and the building in question is where the game ends, you need to get in & out quickly!

Do you even have to go in for a kill? A easy and quick way is to use grenades - provided you were wise enough to pick some up. I've got an entire guide on using grenades, since its a topic for its own. But for now, let's just assume you've run out of grenades.

Pan? Check. Shotgun? Check. Feeling lucky? Check.
Buildings have their own rules. Forget about that fancy silenced AR or the shiny level 3 helmet. Indoors shotguns are king! And a load of 12 gauge to the face doesn't give a shit about your armor - you're just dead. In order to assault a building, you need to have the right gear. If you don't have a shotgun (or maybe a vector) as a secondary, you are in a clear disadvantage. Assuming the enemy has any of these weapons and is on a similar skill level, you are very likely to lose that fight. Let's say you've got the awesome dual barrel shotgun on you.

But ... do I have to?
By now we've established that we've got enough time, are unlikely to get additional visitors and your gear is up to par for an indoor fight. Now you could go in and fight that guy. But there's still a remaining risk, which you maybe don't have to take. If you are close enough or see the guy through a window: How is he behaving? What is he likely doing? Running around like crazy? Then he's probably just trying to loot all rooms as quickly as possible. In this case your best bet is to stay outside. Look at the zone and try to anticipate, which side he'll leave the building after looting. Get into cover and wait for him, but try not to tunnel vision too much. When he finally leaves, don't shoot immediately, or he might just turn around and run back inside. Open fire when he's 20m away from the house and it should be a free kill & loot.
One mistake I often see: Trying to sneak up on the building and camping right next to the door. Don't ever do that. Steps in this game are very loud and even crouching is easily noticeable with decent headphones. Unless your enemy is a total noob, he'll know you are there. Also sitting in front of a house makes you very easy to spot for any other players that might be in the area. If you get shot at in this position, you can only run inside - and all that careful planning goes to hell ...

the final option
But unfortunately there are situations where all the above doesn't apply and you have to get in there. First thing is to find out, which floor the enemy is on. If its a multi story building, people usually are on the upper floors, but make sure. If you can't tell from the step sounds, quickly run around the building and 3rd person peak info the windows. On nearly all buildings, you are able to clear make sure there's no one in the ground floor.
Next step: The staircase. This is usually where people are camping and indoor fights are decided. Carefully make your way up, until you can peak the next level. At this point the enemy might also be able to see you, but neither of you have a shot. Try to spot, which weapon he's using and maybe even his secondary on the back. If he doesn't have a shotgun, but you do - just rush him, that should be an easy kill. Otherwise try to bait out a shot by very quickly peaking a few times. Especially if he's using a dual barrel, this is the key to success, since the reload is so long.

When there's no other way and you finally have to commit to the fight, look out for these point:
The staircase railing is bulletproof and can really mess you up. Try avoiding shooting through it

Don't stand too close to the wall, since your player then lowers the weapon and you can't shoot. During the raising animation, you can shoot but will fire into the ground. Watch the red circle as an indicator for that

Consider switching into the 1st person view if you have trouble with obstacles in the way. Only do that after you know exactly where the enemy is, since you can't peak anymore

Don't aim down your sights, even if you have a red dot. The added accuracy is not worth the slower movement in such close range

Don't go for head shots, aim for center of mass. Stutter stepping can really mess up bullet registration

If you are using a shotgun: Switching to your secondary or even pistol is a better idea than to wait for the reload when things to wrong

When playing duo or squad: Check all rooms before starting to loot. Obvious, but often forgotten in the heat of the battle

After the fight: Check the timer and zone even before you loot. During fights you tend to lose track of time and might soon be looking at the blue wall from the outside