Health mechanics

PUBG is literaly advertised as "the ultimate life and death fight" - so what's the difference between these two? Having at least one point of health left!

While the representation of your health in-game is very minimalistic with only a white bar without any labels, damage numbers or markers, there's still quite a lot going on behind the scenes. If you are not into math, jump to the TLDR - all others prepare for some numbers!

the basics
Each player has maximum of 100 health points (HP from here on)

Vests/helmets do not increase this number, but instead apply a damage reduction (for more on that see [a:weapon-damage-calculator])

There is no automatic HP generation in the game

All damage values get rounded up if applicable

If the HP reach 0, a player wither dies (duh!) or enters the revive state in duo and squad


There are three basic healing items in the game:

Effect: Sets player HP to 100
Time to consume: 9s
Max heal/s: 11
Carrying capacity: 20
Max heal/capacity: 4.95
Droprate: Rare

First Aid Kit
Effect: Sets player HP to 75
Time to consume: 5s
Max heal/s: 15
Carrying capacity: 10
Max heal/capacity: 7.5
Drop rate: Common

Effect: Heals 10HP over 8s, up to 75HP
Time to consume: 3s
Max heal/s: 3.33
Carrying capacity: 2
Heal/capacity: 5
Drop rate: Everywhere

Details: 5 healing ticks each restoring 2HP. Once the item is consumed, the heal over time effect cannot be canceled by moving or taking damage

Since unless you use the mighty (and mighty rare) Medkit, you cannot heal yourself back up above 75HP with any of these. This is where the boosting mechanic comes into play:


Boost items fill up your boost bar after being consumed. Different levels of boost have different effects on your player - the main one being variable levels of HP regeneration, even up to 100HP. But let's take a closer look at the three boost consumables first

Energy Drink
Boost: +40%
Time to consume: 4s
Boost/consuming second: 10/s
Carrying capacity: 4
Boost/capacity: 10
Total healing: 22
Healing/consuming second: 5.5
Drop Rate: Common

Details: 7 ticks for +2HP, 8 for with +1HP

Boost: +60%
Time to consume: 7s
Boost/second: 8.5
Carrying capacity: 10
Boost/capacity: 6
Total healing: 37
Healing/consuming second: 5.3
Drop Rate: Common

Details: 15 ticks for +2HP, 7 ticks for +1HP

Adrenaline Syringe
Boost: +100%
Time to consume: 10s
Boost/second: 10
Carrying capacity: 5
Boost/capacity: 20
Total healing: 85HP
Healing/consuming second: 8.5
Drop Rate: Airdrop only

Details: 3 ticks for +4HP, 12 ticks for +3HP, 15 ticks for +2HP, 7 ticks for +1HP

Boost effects

Once you have boost points, the bar depletes at a constant rate of 1 boost point every second.Your boost bar is divided up into four different stages, each of them with a unique effect:

Stage 1: 1 - 20 Boost points
Effect: Regenerate 1HP every 8 seconds

Duration: Depletes after 60 seconds (20 ticks)

Total Healing: +7HP

Stage 2: 21 - 59 Boost points
Effect: Regenerate 2HP every 8 seconds

Duration: Depletes after 120 seconds and reverts back to stage 1 (40 ticks)

Total Healing: +30HP (37HP including stage 1)

Stage 3: 60 - 89 Boost points
Effect: Regenerate 3HP every 8 seconds

Duration: Depletes after 90 seconds and reverts back to stage 2 (30 ticks)

Total Healing: +33HP (70HP including stage 1 & 2)

Additional effect: +3% movement speed

Stage 4: 90 - 100 Boost points
Effect: Regenerates 4HP every 8 seconds

Duration: Depletes after 30 seconds and reverts back to stage 2 (10 ticks)

Total Healing: +12HP (85HP including stage 1, 2 & 3)

Additional effect: +6% movement speed

TLDR / Conclusions

The most carrying capacity effective, readily available healing item is the First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit: 7.5HP/c
Medkit: 4.95HP/c
Bandages: 5HP/c

Energy drinks are better than painkillers in every respect. If you have to choose, always take energy drinks
They have a higher boost/consummation time and better boost/capacity values. Even when boosting to 100%, taking 3 energy drinks and wasting 20% boost is only 1s slower and takes less space in your inventory when compared to 1 energy + 1 painkiller. Also the shorter consummation time is less likely to be interrupted.

The movement speed boost can be ignored when trying to catch up with the zone
Sprinting speed is 6.2m/s
Taking a adrenaline syringe (best item for sprinting) takes 10 seconds -> 62m lost while channeling
The effect 6% effect lasts 30 seconds (30s x 6.2m/2 = 186m. 6% of that -> 11.2m)
The effect 3% effect lasts 90 seconds (90s x 6.2m/2 = 558m. 3% of that -> 16.8m)
Total positive effect due to fast speed: +28m
Distance lost while consuming the item: -62m
=> Not worth, even with the best consumable over a very long distance (750m)

Always carry a few bandages and try to use them when you are in cover and not in a hurry
Medkits and First Aid Kits are rare and valuable in the late game. Bandages are way more common to loot and more capacity effective, if you have the time to spare

Boost items are most effective, when you use multiple at once
1 energy drink: +22HP.
2 energy drinks at the same time: +61HP (2nd drink 77% more effective)
3 energy drinks at the same time: +85HP (3rd drink 86% more effective).
This effect becomes even stronger when considering it's not only healing more, but also faster

When taking both an energy drink and a painkiller, consume the painkillers first to get one more healing tick in bar stage 4
Energy drink takes 4 seconds to consume, painkillers 7s. Depletion time in stage 4 is 30 seconds. Healing ticks occure once every 8 seconds. Consuming the Energy Drink first and then the Painkiller gives you 23s of stage 4 = 2 ticks. Painkillers first, then Energy means 26s of stage 4 = 3 ticks