Weapon classes in PUBG

New to the game? Here's a quick overview of what will kill you over and over again ...

This type of weapon is the only one that can be equipped in your third weapon slot - and since equipped items do not count towards your carrying capacity, it doesn't hurt to grab one. But generally pistols are only used as a measure of last resort during the very early phase of looting - as soon as you've found a primary (and its ammo), feel free to ignore pistols.

If you happen to get your hands on a pistol silencer however some more options open up: Sneaking up on people and quickly unloading an entire pistol clip in close range is a guaranteed kill and keeps you under the radar.

Surely shotguns behave like in every other shooter, right? Massive damage at point blank and shots magically turning into cotton balls and disappearing after a few meters? Well, not in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. While they are hands down the best choice for indoor fights and just devastating up close, they are still very dangerous even at midrange engagements.

Every pellet fired is calculated until it hits an object - and since there is virtually no damage falloff up to medium range, each one of them still hurt at 30 meters and more! Stick a choke attachment in front of your shotgun and the bullet spread is reduced even more. Lets see how the balancing changes over the next patches, but as of now I carry my trusty dual barrel shotgun in almost every game.

To be honest, this is currently a very strange weapon category. SMGs are supposed to be really strong in close range, but as of now not even the unnerfed Vector can go up against the one-shot-one-kill shotguns. The meta of 3rd person corner/tree scouting and then ultra quick peaking clearly favors the burst damage of shotguns over the (potentially) higher sustained SMG damage in close range. Increase the range and SMGs have to be fired in single shot mode, basically turning them into baby assault rifles with worse accuracy and damage.
In my opinion ignore SMGs unless you can get your hands on a suppressor and an UMP. Or use the vector with an extended magazine as a shotgun replacement.

Assault rifles
Without any doubt the most versatile weapon class in the game. Get an assault rifle, a few attachments, a range of scopes and you should be able to put up a good fight in almost any situation. Just don't challenge an AWM across the map or run into a house-camping shotgun ;)
Due to desync issues and horrendous recoil in auto fire, assault rifles should always be fired in single shot mode. If you train your close range LMB spamming, you can easily out-dps SMGs and maybe even a pump action shotgun - if you survive the first shot, that is.

All four weapons of this class are great, but you might want to take a look at the bullet velocity difference between 7.62 (AK) and 5.56 (all others). Although this stat is not represented as an ingame bar, it is paramount for hitting moving targets at longer ranges.

DMR & Sniper rifles
Only one of the real sniper rilfes can be found in normal loot sports - the infamous Kar98k. The other two are only available from loot drops and therefore a pretty rare sight. If you get your hands on any of these, remember to absolutely go for headshots - unless the poor guy is wearing a brand new level 3 helmet, its an instant kill. Due to the bolt action mechanism, body shots normally give your target enough time to get into cover and heal back up.

Currently there is only one Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) - the SKS. To me this is a pretty useless weapon - it does not pack enough power for one shot headshot kills and its massive recoil and small magazine make it inferior to assault rifles when multiple shots are fired. If you find an extended magazine (+100% capacity for SKS!) it might be worth it

Melee Weapons
Get a pan. It literally saves your ass. Also executing downed foes with a machete gives extra style points ... but other than that, please look for something that shoots.

As of now, the only other weapon is the crossbow. Its a one shot kill to the head, and easily the most satisfying kill - if you manage to get one. But unless your enemy it perfectly standing still within a few meters, you'll probably miss due to the extremely slow flying bolt and its massively curved ballistic arc. And if you don't hit, better pray no one saw you ... you'll be reloading for the next two weeks.