Battlegrounds Zone Timer

Never again tunnel vision and die outside the zone!
Match starts in
Start Timer
Audio Volume
Zone audio warnings
1 minute 30 seconds 10 seconds
life expectancy outside the zone
when to start running on average
when to start running worst case
Text for new circle spawn
Text for warning

How it works

On the starting island during the countdown until the game starts, open this page on a second monitor

Once the in-game timer displays the same number as the timer here (default 10s), hit the "start timer" button

Switch back into the game and focus on the human enemies, not the zone

What it does

Using Text-to-Speech, this tool will talk to you, whenever certain zone events occur. This includes:
The spawn of a zone

The start of the contraction of a zone

Optional 30 and 10 second warnings

The estimated sprinting duration, based on concentric circles

Is it legal?

This tool does not in any way interfere with the games memory or detect what's displayed on the screen. It is purely based on timers and fully contained in your web browser. While it certainly is an advantage, its nothing other than placing a physical timer on your desk - just more convenient.